Best CenterPoint Crossbows for Hunting, CenterPoint Sniper Elite 385 Review

The CenterPoint Sniper Elite 385 is the successor to the popular Sniper 370, and aside from this model being more powerful and faster, there are other changes that I will discuss in this review. CenterPoint designed the crossbow to be a beginner-friendly entry model.

In the package, we found the CenterPoint Sniper Elite 385 compound crossbow, a 4X32 scope, rope cocker, quiver, two 20-inch carbon arrows, and a 5-year limited warranty.

CenterPoint Sniper Elite 385 Crossbow Specs

  • Speed: 385 FPS
  • Weight: 12.6 lbs
  • Length: 33.75"
  • Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked): 18.75"/14.75"
  • Draw Weight: 185 lbs
  • Power Stroke: 14"
  • $404.76

Size and Weight

The CenterPoint Sniper Elite 385 is more compact than its predecessor. The crossbow has an overall length of 33.75 inches and a slim 14.75-inch axle-to-axle width when cocked and 21.5 inches wide uncocked. So, it is the best crossbow for beginners currently.

The crossbow weighs 12.6 pounds and feels well balanced. The crossbow is maneuverable in the field and suited for hunting blinds.

Design and Construction

The Sniper Elite 385 is built with a new MIL-SPEC AR-style rear stock that is adjustable for a custom fit. The forearm is also adjustable. On the buttstock, there is an adjustable cheekpiece to aid in eye alignment with the best crossbow scope.

The difference between the Sniper 370 and the new Elite 385's adjustable stock is the diameter of the area where the stock slides onto the tube. The new mil-spec buffer tube is about two hundredths of an inch smaller. Anyway, I think it is the best crossbow for the money in 2024.

The Sniper Elite 385 features a shoot-through riser design, and CenterPoint equipped the crossbow with a machined aluminum rail for strength, reliability, and repeatable shot placement.

The deer hunting crossbow has quad limbs with a precision-machined cam system that delivers a lot of power and enhances accuracy.

Whisper Silencing System

CenterPoint outfitted the Sniper Elite 385 with their innovative Whisper Silencing System. This system includes limb dampeners, string stops, and string silencers for noise reduction and vibration control. The crossbow is remarkably silent. Even the trigger system makes little noise. It is the best crossbow for deer hunting because of its low noise.


The CenterPoint Sniper Elite 385 comes with a basic 4X32 crossbow scope that lets you aim up to 50 yards. The scope features crosshair and circle reticles in red and green.

The scope has five levels of brightness that allow you to effectively use it during the day and at night. This crossbow scope is very easy to sight in.


The Sniper Elite 385 is easy to cock with the rope cocker that cuts its draw weight in half, so you'll only have to pull 92.5 pounds to cock it.

The crossbow has a nice oversized stirrup that provides a secure point of attachment when hunting from an elevated position. You can find this guy is the best crossbow for hunting.

The Sniper Elite 385 is also compatible with a cocking crank, which reduces cranking effort by 70 percent.


CenterPoint upgraded the trigger of the Sniper 370, which had a trigger with too much creep. The trigger on the Sniper Elite 385 offers a smooth, crisp pull with little detectable creep.


The trigger assembly contains auto safety and anti-dry fire (ADF) that protects you from moving the safety from "safe" to the "fire" position without an arrow in place.

A ball bearing retention spring maintains consistent arrow retention and repeatable shooting results.

The crossbow has oversized finger guards to protect the user from getting fingers near the flight path to avoid contact with the string and cables. Due to its Safety, I admit it is the best crossbow for target shooting.

Arrows and Quiver

The 20 inch carbon arrows are fine arrows for target practice but I would not hunt with them personally.

The quick detach parallel quiver offers secure arrow storage while helping to maintain a slim profile.

Speed and Accuracy

The Sniper Elite 385 is suited for target practice and hunting. It has buck-stopping power, speed, and accuracy. It delivers arrows downrange at 385 fps with 132 feet per second and 131.5 foot-pounds of kinetic energy.

The Sniper Elite 385 is very accurate for a crossbow in this price range. I had arrow groupings within 2 inches at distances of 60 yards.


The crossbow has a single bolt assembly design so it is very easy to assemble. You only need to attach a single bolt riser attachment mount to the rail and you're set!

Recommended Accessories

Arrows & Broadheads

We recommend different arrows for hunting. The Barnett 20 inch headhunters Outdoors arrows are great for both target practice and buck hunting. These lightweight carbon arrows have improved wall thickness for added durability and strength. They weigh 396 grains.

Equip the Barnett Headhunters Outdoors arrows with some good hunting broadheads. Rage Crossbow X broadheads are some of the best broadheads for fast crossbows that are currently on the market. They come in 100 or 125 grain and feature a 2-inch cutting diameter.

If you're looking for budget broadheads for practice and hunting smaller animals then we recommend the Sinbadteck hunting broadheads. They weigh 100 grain and feature a 1.035-inch cutting diameter.

Storage and Transportation

We recommend buying a crossbow case with your crossbow to keep it well protected during travel or in storage. The CenterPoint Archery AXCSBG is a good crossbow case with a backpack strap that suits the CenterPoint Sniper 385 nicely. The case is waterproof and has padding to keep the crossbow safe.

If you want a crossbow sling to comfortably carry the crossbow then we recommend a Universal Black Padded Crossbow Sling from Southland Archery. It's lightweight, durable, and cheap. You can see it is the best crossbow for deer hunting, elk hunting, whitetail hunting, bear hunting, turkey hunting, moose hunting, bowfishing, etc.

Crank Cocking Device

Cocking a crossbow with a cocking crank device makes it easier for anyone to draw the crossbow. The crank reduces cocking weight by 70 percent. It has an ambidextrous design so it can be used by left and right-handed users.


The Sniper 385 is a well-balanced crossbow that is easy to use. The crossbow is fast, accurate, and durable. It is a fine crossbow for buck hunting and a great crossbow for target practice. This is the perfect entry-level model for beginners!

What We Like

  • Fast
  • Buck stopping power
  • Fully adjustable stock and forearm for a customized fit
  • Sound suppressing power of limb dampeners, string stops, and two different silencers make the crossbow really quiet during shooting
  • Compact enough to travel without slowing you down
  • Easy to cock and compatible with a cocking crank
  • 5-year limited warranty

What We Don't Like

  • No crank included in the package
  • The arrows in the package are not great for hunting